No Real Recipe Vegetarian Tortellini Soup

It rained, briefly, almost imperceptibly, because Hurricane Hilary “hit” the West Coast of California. The sky has been gray & breezy all day, humid, but from where I sat with a fan blowing (no AC), it almost looked like fall. So I made soup. This is a good clean-out-the-fridge non-recipe. Throw in all the veg, … Continue reading No Real Recipe Vegetarian Tortellini Soup

Meatless Monday – Berry Muffins

Once a month I teach the preschool Sunday school class. Yesterday's lesson was about being fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image, which means we are smart, and helpful, and creative (among other things). We focused on the "creative" part and gave the kids lots of time to paint with watercolors, or color, or make … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Berry Muffins

Meatless Monday – Tomato Soup

I was in a funk. The kiddo was sick and the day's plans dashed. After walking the dogs, I decided to cook the rest of the day away. I created some lovely food, and the acts of creating and serving those I love helped lift the gray clouds from my atmosphere. C19 had called from … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Tomato Soup

Meatless Monday – Arugula-Lemon Pesto (vegan)

Light years ago (it seems), C19 did a science fair project that involved growing basil plants. We love basil--pizza or pasta margherita, bruschetta, pesto... Oh my seriously summer-loving YUM! We discovered (science fair whatever, though I do recall Kiddo got whatever credit/grade he needed) that basil grew well, during summer, in the planter on the … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Arugula-Lemon Pesto (vegan)

Meatless Monday – Potato Enchilada Pie

Hello from my kitchen! In the end-of-school-year craziness, I haven't been cooking as much. Way more take-out than usual, which is fine and tasty and fun but not as budget- or waistline-friendly, though, as always, lots and lots and lots of grace for whatever season we (you!) are in. Last week, however, I found a … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Potato Enchilada Pie

Meatless Monday – Lentil Soup

The fickle spring weather turned chilly again just as half our family returned from a house building week in Mexico, overtired and weezy from dust. I decided a hearty pot of lentil soup might do the trick: warm and comforting, restorative in the best ways. Ten years ago I couldn't tell you if I had ever eaten … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Lentil Soup

Meatless Monday – Roasted Veggie Marinara

Some days food is about sustenance. It has to be easy, quick, just satisfying enough. I was sick last week and no way was I going to spend extra time on my feet and in the kitchen when I really needed to stay in bed. That's when I'm grateful for a husband and kids who know their … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Roasted Veggie Marinara

Meatless Monday – Trader Joe’s California-Asian Meal

By the time we arrived home from the Christmas concert matinee, it was dinner time. We needed a quick, easy, family-friendly veggie meal. As I began pulling things from fridge and freezer, I laughed... Every item--fresh, frozen, and condiment--came from Trader Joe's! I don't have hard-and-fast recipes for the items on this menu, mostly because I change … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Trader Joe’s California-Asian Meal

Meatless Monday – “Beyond Meat” White Bean Chicken Chili

It began with a video I saw on Facebook. Some weeks later Guy mentioned he'd also seen it. Interesting concept: this guy who wants to eat meat, while also reducing his environmental footprint, produces a plant-based fake meat that is more convincing than these types of products have been before. And then Tween mentioned yet again how he'd like to … Continue reading Meatless Monday – “Beyond Meat” White Bean Chicken Chili