The Church: Traveling Together

What seems like a bazillion years ago, I participated in a high school marching band (sorry, no humiliating pictures available - I did look, I promise). Before freshman year, I registered to be the pianist/accompanist for Beginning Orchestra; unbeknownst to me, everyone quit and the band director transferred me to Marching Band. And the trombone, because the … Continue reading The Church: Traveling Together


The Friday night DVD over, Tween got ready for bed while Guy channel surfed. He landed on a food show just as they began a profile on a restaurant in the town where we attended college. The owner couple looked round-about our age, like ordinary, friendly people with whom we - and you - would like to … Continue reading Go


You may have noticed the cultural trend away from resolutions - 25% of people who make resolutions break them within a week - and to choosing a guiding word instead, something like "Love" or "Focus" or "Courage." For those who follow Jesus, our word ought always to be "Jesus," the name of our Beloved continually on our … Continue reading Word

He’s Right

I am I to the third power: an Incredibly Indecisive Individual. Do you want to grab coffee or lunch? Up to you. Italian or Indian food? Up to you. Want to watch something on the DVR or rent a movie? Up to you. In each of those scenarios, how we spend time matters far less to … Continue reading He’s Right

Trust & Obey

Years ago as I left one of my favorite bookstores, a man greeted me just outside the door. "Do you know Jesus?" he asked. I answered with a hearty, "Yes!" "Are you sure?" he forced. "Positive," I assured him. He followed me down the walkway, pressing literature onto my clenched fist. I kept walking. Really? No … Continue reading Trust & Obey