Add Joy, Not Overload, to Your Holiday Celebrations

How do you feel as you anticipate the holiday season? Are you looking forward to it, expecting to grin and bear it, or a little of both? Most of us intend to observe the holidays with joy. Yet the holiday season can easily become overloaded with busyness, stress, hassle, chaos, late nights, and early mornings. … Continue reading Add Joy, Not Overload, to Your Holiday Celebrations


The familiar carol rings: A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks a new glorious morn A thrill of hope...yet some days hope feels like a discipline, something to hang on to for dear life as we toss, washed and worn, by the cosmic spin cycle. Still, I think of children on … Continue reading Yonder

Thankful Thursday – Let’s Go, 2018!

10 Thanksgivings for the First Week of 2018 New Year, fresh start My sweet Guy, and celebrating his birthday Healthy, growing kids Our cute and cozy home and a clean kitchen The (mis)adventures of training a puppy alongside our menagerie Coffee with friends Meaningful work Cooking delicious plant-based meals Bedtime ritual: hot tea and a … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Let’s Go, 2018!

Walk the Dog

One of our family’s favorite Christmas Eve traditions has been walking the trail around the Lafayette Reservoir. Our first NorCal Christmas, friends invited us to walk it with them; that first walk led to walking it every Christmas Eve (and so many times throughout and over the years), except for one rainy Christmas Eve in … Continue reading Walk the Dog


You may have noticed the cultural trend away from resolutions - 25% of people who make resolutions break them within a week - and to choosing a guiding word instead, something like "Love" or "Focus" or "Courage." For those who follow Jesus, our word ought always to be "Jesus," the name of our Beloved continually on our … Continue reading Word