Setting Goals & Making Progress

I don’t make resolutions, but I do set goals. Hmm, aren’t “resolutions” and “goals” two words for the same thing? Resolutions: a firm decision to do or not do something.Goals: the object of a person's effort; an aim or desired result. So, yes, “resolutions” and “goals” may be interchangeable. Maybe I’m mincing words, engaging in … Continue reading Setting Goals & Making Progress

Mid-Year Goal Check-In

Think back to New Year's Eve 2019. We had no idea what this year held in store... Of course, we never know the future, but December 31, 2019 feels almost like another lifetime, doesn't it? Still, did you set any intentions for the year? I made a Not-20 for 2020 List, and thought I'd revisit … Continue reading Mid-Year Goal Check-In

Not 20 for 2020

I don't make resolutions. Which may sound odd when you read the list below except, to me, they're not resolutions. They're more like goals or intentions, things I'm already working on that I want to work on more diligently. For example, I already walk the dogs and drink water, but these goals give me a … Continue reading Not 20 for 2020

When One Word Won’t Cut It

My One Word for 2015 was a phrase: Put yourself in the way of beauty. It required action on my part (put) and a goal (beauty). In 2016, I chose Create, which led to a series of connections and blog posts on creativity from various creative friends, many of whom stretched to embrace the creativity … Continue reading When One Word Won’t Cut It


The familiar carol rings: A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks a new glorious morn A thrill of hope...yet some days hope feels like a discipline, something to hang on to for dear life as we toss, washed and worn, by the cosmic spin cycle. Still, I think of children on … Continue reading Yonder

Walk the Dog

One of our family’s favorite Christmas Eve traditions has been walking the trail around the Lafayette Reservoir. Our first NorCal Christmas, friends invited us to walk it with them; that first walk led to walking it every Christmas Eve (and so many times throughout and over the years), except for one rainy Christmas Eve in … Continue reading Walk the Dog

2017 Reset Button

Today's guest post is our first re:create recess of 2017! Last week's post spelled out what we're doing here, once a week, on the blog, but here's a quick reminder: we're thinking about create with a healthy dose of play and how both can lead to transformation. My friend Cole oozes playful creativity in her fantastic fashion … Continue reading 2017 Reset Button


You may have noticed the cultural trend away from resolutions - 25% of people who make resolutions break them within a week - and to choosing a guiding word instead, something like "Love" or "Focus" or "Courage." For those who follow Jesus, our word ought always to be "Jesus," the name of our Beloved continually on our … Continue reading Word