Celebrating God’s Goodness

Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Today we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ which conquered death and gives us new life. Easter lilies. Choral and brass anthems. Dress-up clothes. And yes, Easter baskets, hidden eggs, and even chocolate bunnies. Celebration is important, necessary for a full life, the highs balancing the lows. But … Continue reading Celebrating God’s Goodness

Peace in Pieces

Advent: Awaiting the Savior who brings hope, peace, joy, love. Our version of Advent week 1: crushing activity and little peace. Oops... Some of this week's low lights: A lens popped out of Tween's glasses when he got jostled playing at a friend's house. And then someone stepped on it, cracking the top of the lens … Continue reading Peace in Pieces