We've had a day. From the get-go this family didn't act like a team and it made us all cranky-frustrated before 8am. That bleh carried through meeting after meeting. By the time I got home I had to the madness, the voices in my head, the grumbling in my gut. I went in search of solitude and … Continue reading Micro

Quieting Our Souls: Solitude

Born and raised in SoCal, most of my life has been lived within 20 minutes of the coast. Until now, when the coast is at best 30 minutes away and at worst, an hour+. I have noticed lately an intense craving to be near the water. The local reservoirs, and the two or three hikes … Continue reading Quieting Our Souls: Solitude

Faith Training

A few sessions of childhood swim, ice skating, dance, gymnastics, and tennis lessons hardly qualify me as an athlete. I may be the only person you know who has never participated in a team/competitive sport. I once asked my parents if I could join a soccer league. My mom said no, citing scarred knees as … Continue reading Faith Training