We’ve had a day. From the get-go this family didn’t act like a team and it made us all cranky-frustrated before 8am. That bleh carried through meeting after meeting. By the time I got home I had to


the madness, the voices in my head, the grumbling in my gut.

I went in search of solitude and beauty. Yes, I put myself in the way of beauty. I sent Tween on a walk with the dog and took my iPhone 6 on a walk in the opposite direction.

I felt the sunshine on my face and the breeze in my hair. I smelled the heady perfume of plum blossoms. I watched curled yellow-green blades of grass dance. I knelt down, got close, and used my camera to see the beautiful details I too often bustle past.

Everything Glorious makes a nice accompaniment to this virtual tour of the micro-beauty in my neighborhood.





This reminds me of sea life
This reminds me of sea life



Check out the shadows


If I hadn't been looking closely, I would never have seen these succulents
If I hadn’t been looking closely, I would never have seen these succulents



By the time I returned home, beauty had soaked my senses in glory and I’m in a much better place for the evening. Thank you, God, for your fantastic creation!

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  1. I feel as if I was there. I could almost smell the smells. Thank you for touching my world and me. Dr. Ed Riepl

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