Five Types of Prayer to Refresh Your Joy

How do you feel about prayer? I’ll admit I have mixed feelings.

I grew up in churches. I attended a Christian college and seminary. I have been involved with countless ministries. I have worked at churches. And I have prayed silently and out loud in every one of those contexts. 

Still, for much of my life, I shouldered the weight of prayer-related shame. Similar to my lack of prowess at every sport I ever tried, I thought I was no good at prayer.

Gradually, I have learned to let go of what works for others, including approaches prescribed by Christian culture and have leaned into the uniqueness God built into me.

To read more about the five types of prayer that have been refreshing my joy, pop on over to The Joyful Life blog where today I am the featured writer!

Photo credit: Loralie Hoffort

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