What’s Gonna Work?

One of Teen's favorite preschool TV shows was the Nick Jr show, Wonder Pets. A turtle, a guinea pig, and a duckling, all preschool classroom pets, spent their after hours working together to save animals in trouble. They sang: "What's gonna work? Teamwork! What's gonna work? Teamwork!" That became a silly motivational mantra in our house, especially … Continue reading What’s Gonna Work?

Why? Glorify!

I awoke today with a few thoughts roiling around in my brain: I don’t feel well. I feel like a 13-year-old girl for all the drama in my life right now. When you want to ask WHY?, it’s time to worship. Huh? Those may seem unrelated, but they make perfect sense to me. The drama … Continue reading Why? Glorify!

Advent 3 – Making Peace

Our friendship burned hot and fizzled furiously like a sparkler on Fourth of July. I can't explain it, but the first time we laid eyes on each other we decided to become fast friends. Within a week I had invited her in to all of my intimate circles. We had coffee so often Guy asked if … Continue reading Advent 3 – Making Peace