Help. Thanks. Wow.

Anne Lamott, or as others call her, St. Anne, claims that the Essential Prayers sound this simple: Help. Thanks. Wow. I have prayed many, many words over many, many years, but I’m not sure I could come up with a prayer, petition, or praise that wouldn’t fit those three categories: help, thanks, wow. Other than … Continue reading Help. Thanks. Wow.

Marvelous Monday

Not Moaning Monday, as I appreciate a fresh start. And no Meatless Monday recipe, either. The schools had Teacher In-Service Days so we took our kids and friends to San Francisco for the day - hooray for flexible jobs that allow such freedom! We started at the California Academy of Sciences, walked through Golden Gate Park to lunch at a … Continue reading Marvelous Monday


The kids and I didn't make it to church today. Despite my "Church Professional" status, despite our family commitment to make worship attendance the best of all possible habits, life happens. Today, life happened to this family and we skipped corporate worship. Sigh. Ironically, the topic for today's sermon was "Glorifying God." The Westminster Shorter Catechism says that … Continue reading Glorify