Help. Thanks. Wow.

Anne Lamott, or as others call her, St. Anne, claims that the Essential Prayers sound this simple: Help. Thanks. Wow. I have prayed many, many words over many, many years, but I’m not sure I could come up with a prayer, petition, or praise that wouldn’t fit those three categories: help, thanks, wow. Other than … Continue reading Help. Thanks. Wow.

Let it Be

Last week God gave me a miracle of closure. Almost a year ago, a long-time friendly acquaintance, a would-be friend had we shared greater proximity in the time we've known one another, well, she threw me under the bus. She observed and entirely misunderstood an encounter I had with someone else. Instead of talking to me, she … Continue reading Let it Be

Soup, Stories, Snuggles & Sparkles

Tween is sick. Except not really. Poor kid has Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, also known as abdominal migraines. Yup, migraines that seem to mostly bypass his head and move straight to vomiting. And cyclic, because he throws up every morning, whether or not he's eaten, until he's exhausted and his belly aches from convulsing muscles. Obviously he can't go … Continue reading Soup, Stories, Snuggles & Sparkles