C’mon Over

My fiesty fun friend burst through the front door with cheers and hugs and an armful of flowers. She turned the corner and stopped short: "WHAT happened to your house?? It's, it's so clean!" Less than 48 hours earlier, we'd had friends over - in preparation I had cleaned for two days. Family entropy hadn't yet reclaimed its … Continue reading C’mon Over

Meatless Monday – Bean & Sausage Stew

Fall consistently fills my plate with too much busy-ness. Transitioning kids and family back to school. Swamped at work as new programs kick off and we begin (never soon enough) holiday preparations. This year: add three weeks of Sick Kid, wading through piling-up school/homework and negotiations with teachers and administrators; countless hours of specialist appointments; and … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Bean & Sausage Stew

Summer Reading – Non-fiction

Sustain Summer! That's my theme over here. So what if school started Weeks Ago? So what if it's Raining in Cali today (yippee! SO happy it's raining, and yet, I still maintain... It. Is. Summertime)? Fall officially begins September 23rd, which means No Matter What the activity calendars have decided, summer reigns until September 22nd. And that … Continue reading Summer Reading – Non-fiction

The Kids are Okay

We have completed Week 2 of the school year and I can happily report that we are all doing OK! At least mostly. I think. We've only had... ...one lost backpack, ...one slept-through alarm clock, ...one forgotten bike lock combination, ...one forgotten lunch box, ...one "oops, I forgot to turn it in" homework assignment, ...a couple "oops, … Continue reading The Kids are Okay