Lent 2020: Light in the Darkness

Mary and Joseph named him Jesus, “Emmanuel” -- which means “God has come to live with us.” Because, of course, he had. This baby would be...a Light to light up the whole world. Chasing away darkness. Helping people to see. And the darker the night got, the brighter the star would shine. Our county implemented … Continue reading Lent 2020: Light in the Darkness

Advent 1 – Expecting Peace

Stating the obvious: we do not live in a peaceful world. War and rumors of war. School shootings. Crime in all its variety. Job stress. Illness. Divorce. Even in my everyday mundane suburban life, peace seems elusive. So today's title made me wonder: do I expect peace? Maybe my faith is too small. Maybe my … Continue reading Advent 1 – Expecting Peace