20 Lessons We Learned in 2020

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay Washing your hands thoroughly means singing Happy Birthday twice.People are weird and toilet paper is a commodity.Who the introverts and extroverts areHow to work, learn, and celebrate via Zoom, and how to unmuteWe think we crave “normal” but we really desire the familiar comfort … Continue reading 20 Lessons We Learned in 2020


Two weeks ago, I fell while running. Since the only broken skin was on my hand, and the only bruise a purple pin-prick on my chin, I thought I would be fine. I took a day off, mostly because Guy asked me to. That led to three days off, because ouch my body hurt. Since … Continue reading Loop-de-Loop

Life Well Lived

How do I measure my life? I saw a documentary a few weeks ago at the California Independent Film Festival called Lives Well Lived. The filmmaker, Sky Bergman, was inspired by her 99-year-old grandmother lifting weights at the gym. As she shot some video footage, she spontaneously asked Grandma to share words of wisdom; later, … Continue reading Life Well Lived

Lessons Tween Learned on Vacation

Shortcuts aren’t necessarily shorter. Our 500-mile drive from San Francisco to San Diego comes in two parts: the long, fast leg between home and the Grapevine; and the shorter-by-distance long-by-traffic leg through Los Angeles. With no traffic on Leg 1, Tween and I stopped for a quick bite almost an hour ahead of schedule. So … Continue reading Lessons Tween Learned on Vacation