Out of Whack

Note: This is Part 3 in a Sunday series on the life of Joseph. Part 1: Messy Family Part 2: Resisting Temptation The other day a friend said, “It sounds like your life is out of whack.” Out of whack…sounds about right. My kids have this cool math toy, like a Rubik’s Cube but a … Continue reading Out of Whack

Resisting Temptation

My pastor-husband believes he witnessed our oldest son’s first sin. Teen was less than a year old, nine or ten months, and exercising his newly-gained crawling and climbing independence. Even though we had covers on all the electric outlets, we still wanted our babies to learn not to touch these at-their-level wall plates. Guy called … Continue reading Resisting Temptation

Messy Family

How would you describe your family? My description might go like this: Dramatic. Quirky and Creative. Outdoorsy and Eco-friendly. Open books. Welcoming. (I have to laugh as Teen adds: “Zookeepers!” With twelve pets and four people living in approximately 1600 square feet, our home often feels like a small zoo). Same question, different audience: How … Continue reading Messy Family