No Need for Surrender

As a child in church I sang, “I surrender all ... all to Jesus, I surrender.” A current Hillsong chorus intones, “I surrender…”, giving God all of who we are and ever hope to be. It’s such familiar Christian-ese that it must be biblical. Right? I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection lately, always informed … Continue reading No Need for Surrender

Snake Surrender

Teen purchased a second snake last weekend. You read that right. There are two, count 'em, two snakes living in our home. Along with three leopard geckos, a tortoise, three cats, and one (or two) dogs (our dog and our neighbors' dog are best friends so we - or our neighbors - often have two dogs). It's a zoo. Add four … Continue reading Snake Surrender

Life Follows

Last week the kids had an unusual two weekdays in a row off school. And it was my birthday. Gracious friends loaned us their mountain vacation house for a couple of nights and I couldn't wait. This fall has been rough - too full, too emotional - and contrary to my typical MO I didn't … Continue reading Life Follows