What’s My Commitment?

I briefly interacted with a gal working one of the booths at BottleRock. She wore amazing eye makeup, intensely purple and shimmery, ombre, with thick, expertly-applied liquid cat-eye liner. Because I believe in freely and generously offering sincere compliments to friends and strangers, I commented on how beautiful her makeup looked. I also asked how … Continue reading What’s My Commitment?

The #Day Challenge

I've picked up an odd habit this year: I have said Yes! to an assortment of (mostly) online challenges, all for a set number of days: The 30 Day Power Purge Soulful Spring Cleaning: A 30-Day Life Reboot Lenten disciplines, an annual 40 day adventure The Body Love Experiment 21 Day Challenge 40 Days of Prayer … Continue reading The #Day Challenge

Cell Phone Rules

Tween took a sharp turn onto the Adolescent Highway a few weeks ago. He figured out how to text. Silly parents, we thought we had years of innocent childhood left to go with this one before he hit Cell Phone Mania. We fought long and hard against the cultural mandate for kids to have cell phones. … Continue reading Cell Phone Rules