Kids’ Connections

Long ago I had the privilege to lead this sweet young lady in following Jesus. Truly, it was a joy to walk together and I'm sure I learned as much from her as she did from me. Now she has the privilege of leading others... I love how that works! Guest Post: Sara Pantazes The … Continue reading Kids’ Connections

Creative Play

Oh, friends, it has been awhile and we are long overdue for recess... Do you remember watching the clock during your own elementary school days, waiting for playtime? Some days the minute hand seemed to be ticking backwards and I couldn't help but fidget in my seat. Life has felt a little like that recently, … Continue reading Creative Play

Meatless Monday – Greek Veggie Burgers

Due to computer issues and the resulting several computer-less weeks, I have a back-log of Create Challenge posts to share. So what a joy that one friend wrote about creating food and was willing to share a Meatless Monday--and gluten-free to boot--recipe with us today! I didn't know how passionately Sara feels about food, and so … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Greek Veggie Burgers