Thankful Thursday – A New Year

I haven't posted a Thankful Thursday in a while. I also cannot believe we are three weeks into 2016. And yet, I'm already planning for spring, and summer, and fall, and I'm not even sure what happened to Christmas except that it was, in surprising ways, quiet, lovely and crazy, relaxing and somehow just what … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – A New Year

Panic Attack

I arrived home from work mid-afternoon and found Teen seated on his yoga ball hunched over a stack of papers in front of the family room computer, his study spot. I came up behind him and while I was yet two feet away, he abruptly stiffened and threw his hands in a “Don’t Shoot!” position. … Continue reading Panic Attack

Meatless Monday – (Almost Healthy) Treats!

Last week our high schooler had finals. Fortunately it wasn't too bad this time around as he had a nice balance of academic and electives each testing day, and none of his grades were at a tipping point one direction or the other. He studied well, and it wasn't stressful. A year ago we had a whole … Continue reading Meatless Monday – (Almost Healthy) Treats!