The Joy of Collaboration

Do you have someone with whom you enjoy collaborating? I am so grateful for the gift of a friend who has become my favorite creative collaborator. Nancy is a full-service creative: photographer, artist, hand letterer, graphic designer - you name it, she probably does it - and she and I have collaborated on assigned tasks … Continue reading The Joy of Collaboration

Lent 2020: See What We Can Do

“Look!...See what we can do with our very own hands!” They were quite pleased with themselves. But God wasn’t pleased with them…. They were trying to live without him, but God knew that wouldn’t make them happy or safe or anything. God gave us bright brains and capable hands and put us in groups to … Continue reading Lent 2020: See What We Can Do

Hot & Bothered

How do you feel when you are engaged in a surprising and passionate conversation? Recently, I had an epic, hours-long, meandering and caffeinated conversation with some young women I absolutely adore. For a time, the chatter turned passionate...not at all bad, just intense. In reflection, I felt heard, loving and loved, supported, and I think … Continue reading Hot & Bothered

Two Words

What's your most spectacular New Year's resolution fail? To get healthy, eat clean, lose ## pounds? To stop swearing, or drinking? To fall in love, or find a new job you love? I gave up on resolutions years ago. Why set myself up for failure...again and again, year after year? If I'm going to set … Continue reading Two Words

Advent 1: Follow Me (2019)

Come, follow me...and I will send you out to fish for people. Mark 1:17 Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the church season in which we remember our longing for the arrival of the Messiah. My friend The Creative Resource and I have created a set of devotional cards you can use in any … Continue reading Advent 1: Follow Me (2019)