Gratitude as Joyful Self-Care

What book has made a lasting positive impression on your life? If you’re a reader, you know: some books are more than good. They’re life-changing. Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts has been one such book for me.

Though Voskamp has endured heartbreaking tragedy within her own family, she found her way to gratitude and, through gratitude, to joy. A friend dared her to create a list, not unlike our To Do lists or grocery lists, of 1,000 things she loves. She began writing: light reflecting through dish soap bubbles, the curls of vegetable peelings, toast with jam. Ordinary things in ordinary days. She writes to say thanks. She writes as a spiritual practice, an act of faith.

Voskamp writes, “As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible.” Thanks is always possible. As flowers grow in sidewalk cracks, we can find beauty in the most unlikely places. Also, much of the time life clips along at a pretty great pace, with only minor speed bumps or curves in the road, making thanks even easier.

Today I’m the featured writer on Katie Pozzuoli’s blog. You can continue reading this article here.

There’s no better day than today to start making your own daily gratitude lists. Just three unique points of gratitude each day can make a dramatic shift in your happiness in as little as two weeks. I’ve provided a few simple questions to help you reflect on each day, and when you pop over to Katie’s blog to continue reading you’ll find even more reasons to start recording your gratitude.

Live joyfully, friends!

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