In the Name of Jesus

Lots of folks talk about God. Fewer seem comfortable with Jesus. But the name of Jesus is powerful! God sent His beloved Son, Jesus, to live and die and rise from the dead for us, so we could be forgiven and live eternally in relationship with Him. In the name of Jesus we find freedom.

More study in the book of Acts:

Do you find it easy or difficult to talk about Jesus? Explain.

Read Acts 4:1-13.
How does Luke summarize the content of Peter and John’s message (v. 2)? What does that mean to you?
Why does Luke mention that Peter was “filled with the Holy Spirit” (v. 8)?
How does Peter account for the lame man’s healing (v. 10)?
What image does v. 11 conjure in your mind? Quickly skim Psalm 118 for Peter’s reference. What does it add to this image?
Put v. 12 in your own words. What do you think Peter meant?
Based on v. 13, describe Peter and John. What stands out?

What do you think is most important to communicate to others about Jesus?
What does “salvation” mean to you? How would you explain it to someone else?
Do you think others can tell you have “been with Jesus”? Explain.
How is God speaking to you through this passage? What do you think God wants you to do this week to apply the study of His Word?

Ask God for opportunities and courage to be a witness for Jesus. Pray by name for individuals whom you would like to see come to know Jesus.

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