God’s People

Another Acts Bible study for you:

What actions demonstrate your ongoing commitment to the people closest to you?

Read Acts 2:1-13.
In Acts 1:4-5, Luke records Jesus telling His disciples to wait for the Father’s promised gift, the Holy Spirit. Describe the Spirit’s arrival.

Read Acts 2:14-24.
How does Peter explain what has happened?

Read Acts 2:36-41.
What is the main point of Peter’s message? How does his audience respond?

Read Acts 2:42-47.
Quickly call out all the actions God’s people were involved in. What do you notice?
Go back over each action. Why was each important, and what might that look like for God’s people today?
Are these actions required for God’s people today? Can you think of actions missing from this description? Are there some behaviors we consider necessary for God’s people that might not be? Explain.
Describe the Holy Spirit’s role in a Christian’s actions.
How do the events of Acts 2 fulfill Jesus’ promise in Acts 1:8?

How did you first hear the good news of Jesus Christ? How did you respond?
In what ways do we need to repent in our understanding of who Jesus is?
What has changed in your life as you have identified yourself with God and His people?How is God speaking to you through this passage? What actions is God calling you to this week to demonstrate your commitment to follow Him?

Pray that the Spirit will help you rearrange your life so that your daily actions are in line with your commitment to follow Jesus.
Pray by name for individuals whom you would like to see come to know Jesus. Ask for opportunities to be a witness for Jesus.

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