The Continuing Acts of Jesus Christ through the Apostles

Our church is doing a study of the book of Acts and I have the privilege of writing the small group discussion guides. Writing Bible study questions might just be one of my very favorite things. As I love to encourage others to read and study the Bible, I will post the studies here.

Our pastor challenged us that historically Christians have put too much emphasis on the acts of the Apostles; that really, the Spirit of Jesus acts through the apostles, through the disciples, and now through us. Yes! We get to participate with God in His work in the world. I pray that you will study along, that your eyes will be opened to see God at work, and that you will participate in the work of God to spread the good news of His Son, Jesus Christ.

So here goes!

Acts 1:1-11

Think of something unusual, surprising or startling that you have recently witnessed. With whom did you share about this event, and how?

Summarize Luke’s summary of his “former book.”
Luke mentions the Holy Spirit three times in this short passage (vv. 2, 5 and 8). What does he want us to know about the Spirit?
Why do you think Jesus gave the apostles “many convincing proofs that He was alive” (v. 3)?
What seems to be of most concern to the apostles (v. 6)? How was that different from Jesus’ focus (vv. 3-5, 7-8)?
What command did Jesus give them (v. 4), and why (vv. 4-5, 7-8)?
Why might it be significant that Jesus was taken up to heaven “before their very eyes” (v. 9)?
From this passage, what do you know about the apostles that qualified them to be witnesses?

Share a recent experience or relationship in which you were a witness for Jesus.
Why does it seem easier to talk about, for example, a new movie or restaurant than about Jesus?
In what ways might our insecurities about our inadequacies hinder us from experiencing God’s power?
How is God speaking to you through this passage? To whom might Jesus be calling you to be his witness?

Pray by name for individuals whom you would like to see come to know Jesus. Ask for opportunities to be a witness for Jesus.
Ask God to open your eyes to witness His work in and around you so that you will continue to have stories to share of His great love.

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