August-September 2017 Reading

"I knew it was true that I had stalled again on my writing. For once, I was too caught up with actually living my life to stop and turn it into words. People like Lawrie--who never wrote a single line of prose, as far as I knew--seemed to want those who did to walk around … Continue reading August-September 2017 Reading

Books: June-July 2017

Eight books in two months. Six fiction (including one YA), one creative/motivational, and one feminist manifesto. Seven female authors, one male; one Nigerian and one Swede. What are you reading? Beartown by Fredrik Backman My rating: 2 of 5 stars Backman's fans will come to Beartown expecting Ove and Britt-Marie, but they will not be … Continue reading Books: June-July 2017