It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday! Well, when I wrote this yesterday it was my birthday…

So how about a birthday introduction?

I love a good celebration, but I don’t enjoy being the sudden center of attention (spotlight = okay only when I choose it, thank you very much). The year I turned 7, I asked friends not to sing Happy Birthday. When Mom brought out the cake & singing commenced, I crawled under the table & cried.

My favorite (personal) celebrations are small & casual, & I prefer take-out to dining in a fancy restaurant.

My love languages are quality time & words of affirmation – I feel most loved when we enjoy time together; alternately, tell me how I’ve added something good to your life & I will float to Cloud 9.

I love to celebrate others’ birthdays & important days however they enjoy celebrating.

I think it’s important, especially given what we’ve collectively experienced these few years, that we reevaluate how we celebrate. My November newsletter will come out this Friday with more thoughts on celebration. With the holidays coming right up, I hope it will feel timely.

Sign up (link on the right side if you’re on desktop; link at bottom of post if you’re on mobile) or comment with your email & I’ll get you on the list.

Also, in honor of my birthday I have a free gift for YOU:

A pause, just one hour, to intentionally reflect on the upcoming holiday season

Before you rush into the holidays, let’s consider:

expectations, hopes, plans
how to stay present & avoid overwhelm
how to love others well & be gentle with yourself

No experience required or expectations leveled – come as you are, engage as you’re comfortable

Send me your email & I’ll send the Zoom link. Let’s have a happier holiday season!

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