Siv & the City

Hi there, I’m Siv (“see-v”). Thanks for stopping by my blog, Miracles in the Mundane. How about a Friday introduction?

1. It’s been sixteen years this month since we moved from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area. I still can’t believe I’ve lived in this home longer than anywhere else (still longer in SoCal, but between multiple cities/residences).

2. A suburban gal, I have never lived in a big city.

3. I prefer to live within easy driving distance of a major city, like San Diego or San Francisco.

4. What draws me to the city: All the Culture (art, theater, music, architecture), food, and the ways big cities incorporate natural spaces

5. What I love about the suburbs: walkable neighborhoods, open space, quiet, and neighborly gatherings that don’t get too crowded

6. My nephew visited recently and we had a blast taking him to San Francisco destinations he’d heard about, including spots we’d never seen. Playing tourist near home makes me happy.

How about you: city dweller, suburbanite, or rural small town hero?

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