Writing as a Spiritual Practice

I will be leading a 4-week workshop on Writing as a Spiritual Practice (via Zoom).

If you can tell a story to your neighbor when you meet at the mailbox, you can write. And if you’re a person of faith, you can use writing as one more tool in the toolbox to deepen your relationship with God.

Why would you want to take this class with me?

I hold BA’s in English and Communication plus an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary. I’ve invested my career working in and writing for God’s Church. I love to help people take the next step in faith, and I love to play with words in meaningful ways.

Writing helps me process, lean in and let go, know myself and change course, all in the sway of life’s winding turns. It helps me to pay attention and listen well. Writing has long been my go-to spiritual practice and I can’t wait to share with you some of what I’ve learned along the way.

Join me?

We’ll meet on Zoom for one hour each week to discuss the handout I’ll send in advance and then practice writing together with prompts and experiences related to the Bible. You won’t have to share your writing if you don’t want to as the emphasis will be on developing a spiritual practice more than the art of writing. At only $30 for four one-hour sessions, it’s a great deal. To register, Venmo $30 to @sivricketts and shoot me an email so I can confirm with you. Register before 5pm on Tuesday, April 12, as we will begin our conversation at 7pm on Wednesday, April 13.

Let’s grow together.

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