The smallest spark can ignite a fire,
for good or ill,
To warm friends around a campfire on a chilly night
To candle-cozy a room and illuminate a page of reading
To create a fireline for safety
Or burn down buildings.

The smallest spark of electricity can
Power a light bulb or an engine
And heat or cool your food or home.
Lightning sparks beauty, power, and danger.
It produces ozone
Enforcing the atmospheric shield that protects us from destructive UV light.
Striking the ground, lightning maintains earth’s electrical balance
And dissolves nitrogen in water to create fertilizer for plants.
In the US, 100 people die from lightning strikes each year.
US Park Ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning 7 times over 35 years.

The smallest spark of inspiration can set fire to a revolution
Advancing justice, equality, and social progress.
Ideas can burst into flames of love … or hate.
What else sparks, ignites, catches fire, explodes, or burns?
Anger. Fear. Anxiety. Cravings.
Energy. Desire. Enthusiasm. Passion.
Creativity. Curiosity. Hope. Joy.
And it bears repeating: Love.

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