Let Vulnerability Drive Your Meaningful Life

What drives you?

As we road tripped across the country this summer, we listened to audio books. Some better than others, and that one narrator who put me to sleep every time… Good thing Dave was driving!

Last week we drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to Oregon and back listening to two delicious books:

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The Guncle by Stephen Rowley – a delightful story about a middle aged bachelor, semi-retired from a successful acting career, who finds himself care-taking his niece and nephew for a summer. Yes, the premise has been done before, and yes, this one is different. We laughed out loud and teared up on occasion. One chapter was so perfect I had to turn it off just to reflect on the writing.

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown – wow! This was so chock-full of interesting research and encouragement that I need to buy the book and read it with my eyes and mark it up and quote from it and share it with everyone.

In entirely different ways, both books preached the same message: vulnerability is the key to meaningful living.

I’m guilty sometimes (aren’t we all?) of hiding myself away and not letting people in. But that temptation keeps our lives small and safe. The Guncle wouldn’t have been a good story if our hero hadn’t allowed the children into his home AND his heart. There wouldn’t have been a story at all.

Same with us. Our relationships will be messy sometimes, but we can laugh and cry and grow our hearts three sizes when we’re willing to be vulnerable. We can live a more interesting story.

How about you? Does fear drive your decisions, or are you willing to yield the wheel to vulnerability?

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