What Animal Are You?

The Chinese have zodiac animals (rooster).
Native Americans have spirit animals (snake).
Even Harry Potter has a patronus (no idea).

Humans seem to like identifying their character traits with animals. What animal would you be?

I’ve always shared the same answer: a cat. I can sit quietly with my own thoughts forever. Sleeping is my superpower, especially napping in sun puddles. I’m affectionate with those I like. I can be playful and flat-out weird. And I’ll show you my claws if you come at me.

But there’s another animal I have to see each time we visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Have you ever seen a leaping blenny?

These funny fish can live in or out of water. They hurl their tiny bodies, leaping from rock to rock along the tide pools and rocky coastlines where they live.

They aren’t all that attractive, but they are unexpected. And they make me laugh every time.

I don’t need to be the sparkliest rainbow fish in the sea. I don’t care about the competition, frankly. I just want to be me, someone a little off beat doing my own unexpected thing who might just make you laugh.

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