Ted Tuesday – Love Letters

Because the world feels upside-down and my heart breaks in so many ways for so many reasons, I asked myself: What do you need today?

Love, I tell myself. I need love.

When people are shot in their place of worship; when the politicians smear muck on each other and the dirty splash hits the rest of us; when so-called friends turn out to be anything but; when you have to keep going but you just want to crawl back under the covers… Love.

It’s what the world needs now, says the song. It’s what we all need. Love is the answer.

Some days love seems in short supply, doesn’t it? On those days, we must tend to our bruised hearts with gentle nurturing, as we would tender seedlings just beginning to poke their heads through the soil in our garden. With protection from their enemies; with gentle sprinklings of water; with encouraging words: Come on, little ones. You can do it! You can grow big and strong and healthy.

I turned to Ted to see what someone else had to say about love, and found the sweetest short video about sharing love with the world. Only four minutes long, if you feel the need for love today, as I do, you have time to watch this video.

Let’s find ways to share the love, people. It’s what makes life worth living.

[Check out Hannah’s website here]

2 thoughts on “Ted Tuesday – Love Letters

  1. Thanks Siv! This is perfect. I watched the Ted talk and I think back to when I used to write 20 letters a week to friends all over the country. I miss those days. Thank you for reminding me how important a note and letter can be.

  2. I’ve found myself so lacking in hope anymore, full of fear and despair instead. Some days, I feel I have the energy to push back, to reach out, to be kind to others. But right now, it just feels so dark, and I’m afraid for all of us. Thanks for sharing this – I needed a light today.

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