Creating Columbine

One of my personal joys throughout this Create Challenge year has been creating a community platform for creatives who have walked a leg of my own creative journey. Today’s guest post-er is such a one. Many moons ago, she was an editor at a Christian publishing house where I was invited to participate as a writer. Together we created some wacky and significant experiences for junior and senior high kids to get hands-on with the Bible and discover God’s Truth. I treasure those days as formational to the work I continue to do in encouraging others to think creatively and deeply about God and His role in their lives. Thank you, Lisa!

Create Challenge #29: Lisa LaufferCreating Columbine

The Bloom of Creating

The germ of an idea.
A seed we plant.
Waiting in the dark, pondering,
Hoping to see light.
Pushing through as tender sprout,
Absorbing the energy of sun,
The refreshment of rain,
The nutrients of soil.
Bursting in color and beauty to inspire and heal.
Dropping seeds for the future.

LLaufferLisa Lauffer inspires others into their creating through encouragement and example. She teaches art online through Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Online ( as well as the movement fitness program called Nia ( and taekwondo. You can read about her own creating adventures at

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