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Back in junior high, Nikki and I created drama. In high school band, we created music (and still, drama). We’ve put a lot of years and miles between those energetic girls and the women we’ve become, but we both still manage to create. And here we are, creating together again.

Create Challenge #14: Nikki Norman

NNorman famThe word create is different for everyone. I don’t consider myself very creative as a rule but I do a lot that is creative. I am a photographer, I am a baker, and I make salves and blends with essential oils.

Let’s start with my number one passion: Photography. As a child I loved to have my picture taken, much like teens now. If only we had cellphones then… Oh my word, it would have been bad.

As an adult I much prefer to be behind the camera. Photography is something I have developed over the past 20 years. Other than a class here and there, I don’t have formal training. Most of what I do and know is by the grace of God. He has given me the talent to frame the subject and edit the photo to be pleasing to me and the client. I prefer to photograph people although I do sometimes have to grab a shot of God–a beautiful sunset, rainbow, even a thunderstorm.NNorman baby

As a natural light photographer, I prefer to shoot outdoors. My photo shoot location of choice is the Monastery in Conyers, Georgia. It has a lake, a grassy area with trees, a road hardly traveled and a gorgeous brick wall and staircase. The Monastery’s calm and quiet help as well. People feel comfortable there even if they are not “religious.” I absolutely love photographing people’s story, “making memories to last a lifetime” (my slogan).NNorman wedding

Next passion: Baking. I create birthday cakes with love for the ones I love and feel an immense pride when it comes out tasting good and looking pretty. My son’s girlfriend has a term she uses when something is really good. She says, “It tastes like Jesus.”

The first time I heard it I was like, “Really? You just said that?”

And she said, “Jesus is good–and so is this!”

Creating a great dessert people ask for over and over again? That is very rewarding!

Using essential oils for natural healing is my final creative passion. I am truly an advocate for essential oils. I make salves with coconut oil, olive oil, and beeswax and add different essential oils to the salve depending on the ailment. I make one for general healing and use it instead of lotion. I make one for aches and pains. My parents use it all the time and say it truly helps with their arthritis and other aches that come with age. I just made one that is supposed to help with nerve pain or neuropathy. My husband suffers with this so here’s hoping it works!

One essential oil must for day-to-day use is frankincense, which I refer to as “Frank.” Frank is a super cancer fighter and all-around great oil and, heck, the Wise Men brought it to Jesus so you know it must be good! I believe so much in these oils that I am an affiliate with the company I prefer to use and am able to pass on a 10% discount to everyone.

Finally, I am an Apache Indian. We refer to God as Creator–how cool is that? He is the Creator of the heavens and earth, Creator of all. I try to live my life to please Creator and I thank Creator for the talents He has given me.

NNorman bio

Nikki Norman has been married for 20 years to her incredible husband, Kevin, and they have four children: Brittney (23), Haylie (20), Hunter (19) and Harrison (15). Haylie is married and has given them the joyful gift of Ryker, their 18-month-old grandson. Nikki works for a pharmacy management company that manages twelve stores and counting. She and Kevin also just embarked on a bee-keeping adventure.
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