Fat Tuesday

Oh dear, I have to share this again after the dinner table reception it enjoyed tonight. Fat Tuesday, and I decided that I really did want to work once, eat twice, so I doubled the whole dang thang and it was the Best Vegan Jambalaya I’ve made. It almost didn’t fit in my Large Skillet, so don’t try to more-than-double unless you make it in a Large Soup Pot. I doubled all ingredients except: instead of 1 c diced fresh tomatoes, I used 1 15oz can diced tomatoes in juice; I had 3/4c tomato sauce, so instead of opening another can I used 1/4c enchilada sauce I had ready for another meal (this might contribute to spiciness – not that my fam minded but sharing for honesty, and use what you’ve got); and my garlic cloves were Large, so I used 6, not 8-12, but if you Love you some Garlic, go ahead! I simmered lid-on for 25 minutes, checking periodically, and didn’t need to add more liquid. I added 10 minutes to the timer, then added a half-cup of broth. When I added remaining ingredients, I stirred in one last half-cup of broth; turned off heat and let sit until the family gathered. Perfecto!

Miracles in the Mundane

I didn’t grow up in a church that observed a Lenten tradition. As an adult, however, I have come to appreciate the tradition of giving up or taking on spiritual practices as a way of drawing near to Jesus.

I came to Fat Tuesday even later, and mostly because I like to cook.

Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday in French. Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday; Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent. So Fat Tuesday is the final hip-hip-hurrah Day of Indulgence before one abstains for 40 days until Easter.

I’ve seen Facebook posts today about pancakes and just learned why: pancakes are a traditional Mardi Gras food as families use up the household’s fat, eggs, and dairy before Lent.

I don’t try to clean out the kitchen for Lent. Nope, no way I’m gonna try to eat through the leftover holiday candy, or worse, drink through the liquor cabinet!…

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