Wild Child in Bow Tie

Today our church celebrated Confirmation Sunday. Seventeen high school students said YES! to Jesus, the God who loves them and said YES! to them before they were even born.

A year ago Teen stood on the chancel, proclaiming his faith in Jesus. Although he’d been baptized years earlier, that particular Sunday was more meaningful than I could have anticipated as the church said, “Welcome!”

Today we sang Good Good Father:
You’re a good, good Father, it’s who you are
And I’m loved by you, it’s who I am

That’s truly what I want my kids to know as they launch into the world – God is good, and God’s love forms the foundation of their identity. But I’d add one more refrain to the song:

The Church says, “Welcome!”

Miracles in the Mundane

Dapper! Dapper!

Teen wore a bow tie for his Confirmation.

He chose to participate in Confirmation, a five-month process for high school students during which they met monthly with their leader and peers for teaching/study and with a one-to-one adult mentor to discuss life and faith. At the end they publicly professed their faith in Jesus Christ through a written and presented personal statement of faith, received baptism if they hadn’t previously, and became full members of the church. And then were honored with a celebratory meal and a verbal blessing from their parents while a packed Fellowship Hall watched.

We were thrilled he wanted to participate, although we didn’t push it. We even suggested he wait a year. He chose to forge ahead.

And then he chose to wear not just a shirt and tie but a three-piece suit + bow tie!

He didn’t have anything nicer than a shirt and tie so Guy took him…

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