Meatless Monday – Minestrone Soup (again)

Tween has been out of school for three weeks now, struggling through the longest abdominal migraine cycle he’s ever experienced. To my Working Mom outfit, I’ve now added a heavy Homeschooling Hat. My shoulders hurt from the extra weight.

One bright spot in this week: I made a big pot of minestrone soup, comfort food for the whole family. Eating next-day leftovers, Tween declared: “This soup is just SO good!” And so I am reblogging the recipe, because others might also need a healthy dose of comfort. Enjoy!

Miracles in the Mundane

Fall plays hide and seek with the Bay Area. Mostly, Fall hides. Oh, we catch glimpses of her as the mornings flash an early chill, a playful breeze kicks up, and the days gradually shorten. If we’re lucky, we might wake up to damp ground, evidence of a light rain or at least a heavy dew.

But afternoons can be hot and blue as summer. The calendar announces that Halloween is right around the corner, and we chuckle and shake our heads as child-like Fall has already donned her costume: Summer!

Last night while I brushed my teeth, Guy decided it really had to be time by now to switch to our warmer duvet. Too warm, neither of us slept well.

Even while the farmers’ market continues to sell flavor-bursting vine-ripened tomatoes, we residents of this mild-seasoned state begin to long for comfort food – soups and stews and roasts (all…

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