Which Way Do I Go?

writingCalling all creatives!

I have a serious question to ask:

What do you do when you’ve lost your mojo? When you’ve gotten out of sync with your own rhythm, lost your own groove?

I’m part-way through a project I’m pretty excited about. Well, I’m part-way through the first part, but that’s something, isn’t it? It’s a beginning, and there could be no middle or ending without it. I put off the beginning, the starting of said project, for far too long (read: years!) because it felt too big, too scary, too TOO. You know?

But then I began and I had to hurry-up buckle-up because ZOOM off we went. Until we hit a wall. And by we I mean I hit a wall, and it hurt.

I’ve tried outlining, free writing, and slamming shut my laptop.
I’ve tried deep breathing, praying, and taking a walk.
I’ve tried sleeping on it. I’ve tried time with the loved ones.
I’ve tried editing. I’ve tried moving on to the next section.

And right now, it’s flat-out making me down-right meshugganah.

I could blame it on work. Darn that still needing a paycheck…

I could blame it on family. What do you mean the kids are hungry, again? They still have dishes everywhere from the last time they ate, which might have been an interminable fifteen minutes ago. I had four blissful days of solitude while they went camping and, remarkably, the house kept itself clean! Dishes jumped into the dishwasher, counters remained uncluttered, and clothes made it into either a closet or a hamper. And then three dirty guys returned with bags overflowing with stinky clothes and gear and, while I am most happy to have my roost full, it has become more difficult to find a peaceful, uncluttered corner in which to concentrate.

I could absolutely blame it on the snake. Despite his emphatic promises that it would never, ever happen, Teen let a snake get loose in the family room. Distracted by the video gaming system he just bought from his friend, he forgot he had his newest, smallest, most curious snake on his lap. She slithered away, and he suspected she’d crawled into the teensiest hole in our leather couch. Next thing I know the couch is on its back while Guy and Teen begin taking it apart from underneath. Feeling like I couldn’t breathe, I grabbed the grocery list and dashed out the door. And then hit up our local TJ Maxx, because I was not going home until I got the all-clear.

They found Snake in the printer across the room and Teen has promised to be more careful. Clearly, snakes and video games don’t mix. And I have three lovely new blouses, so that’s something.

But blame won’t resolve the issue. I’ve read the quotes:


And how about this beauty?


So my question: If you regularly pursue creativity, what do you do to unstick yourself when you get stuck?

I’d really like to know.

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  1. Treat yourself to a good dark (free trade of course) chocolate and a glass of red wine. It will help you relax and refocus.

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