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Connect Challenge 2018
Miracles in the Mundane Guest Posts

YOU are cordially invited to guest post on my blog!

We need healthy connection—with families, friends, neighbors, coworkers. But we can also connect with ourselves. With God. With beauty, creativity, play. With our faith and our values. With our bodies. With our neighborhoods, communities, country, and world. With a cause, passion project, volunteer opportunity.

Some might say that to be fully alive is to connect in meaningful ways with ourselves, others, and the world.

Questions to ponder:
How do you connect?
With whom do you/would you like to connect?
What challenges do you encounter as you endeavor to connect?
How do you overcome connection resistance?
How do your connections add joy to your life?
How have you dealt with the end of certain connections?

To learn more about my 2018 theme, Connect, read this post.

Guest posts will run on Wednesdays throughout 2018.

If you’d like an assigned date, we can do that; assigned posts must be submitted by the Sunday prior to Wednesday post date. Otherwise, send your post anytime to and I will post on a first-come basis. Include with your email a short bio and bio picture.

Please take a look at my blog. You can read through in general, or search “create” or “re:create” to see the variety of guests posts that have run over the last couple of years.

Please note I reserve the right to reject submissions that I feel do not fit the tone of my blog. I am open to differences of opinion/philosophy/etc. so long as they are presented with humility and the desire to educate, inspire, and encourage.

Thanks for considering this opportunity. I look forward to connecting with you!